Di Oliver

Inspired by a childhood book and the Gloucestershire countryside

One day a thoughtful relative gave six-year old Di Oliver a book. Did they realise the impact that this gift would have on the young girl? Almost certainly not. This was no ordinary book. It was a beautiful edition of Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales, illustrated by Rex Whistler. The intense black and white wood engravings affected Di profoundly. They impressed on her a visual language with which to express herself. They informed her developing artistic sensibilities, influencing both the art she admired and her own choice of subject and medium. Di still returns to the Whistler images, using them for inspiration – bright light sharply focused against deep darkness.

“My childhood was spent in a very rural part of Gloucestershire, the village surrounded by the real and very dark. Many of my prints are in black and white and some of my work is in book form. I love the practical process of printmaking and find there is always a technique perfect for the idea I want to express. In 2000 I studied for a degree in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University, learning about many media but returning to printmaking as my favourite.”

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