Greenways Manifesto

Head Office is home and we are open for business

Greenways Editions is dedicated to sourcing and marketing fine ceramic items that are entirely made in England – this will include the packaging too.

I was born in Stroke on Trent, “home of the English potteries” and worked for several years for Josiah Wedgwood and Sons. It was here that he developed his passion for ceramics and Greenways Editions is a long dreamed of independent venture with classic design and high-quality manufacturing at its heart. The initial idea was to take an age old technique, wood engraving, and interpret it through English made ceramics.

Quality of manufacture and quality of design will, I hope, be the hallmark of all Greenways Editions products and the two launch ranges both have English designers.

Eric Ravilious

Eric was a designer, book illustrator and wood-engraver. He grew up in East Sussex, and is particularly known for his water-colours of the South Downs and other English landscapes. He served as a war artist, and died when the aircraft he was in was lost off Iceland in 1942

  Greenways Editions are proud to offer examples of his wood engravings adapted to a ceramic decoration on fine bone china mugs.

Sussex Church

When he was teaching at Eastbourne, Eric Ravilious took students sketching in the local area and found distinctive subjects – the image featured is the small Church of the Good Shepherd in Lullington.

Sussex Landscape

A fine example of Ravilious’s art as a wood engraver, the building here closely resembles the 14th Century Tithe Barn at Alciston albeit with some artistic licence.

Road in Florence

In 1925 he received a travelling scholarship to Italy and visited FlorenceSiena, and the hill towns of Tuscany and produced engravings  and this is a fine example.

Di Oliver

Di was six years old when she was given a copy of Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales, a lovely edition illustrated by Rex Whistler. The intense black and white wood engravings had a profound effect, giving her a visual language to express herself and influencing both the art she admires and her own choice of subject and medium. She still returns to the images and her childhood memories spring to mind in the style of the book – brightly lit, sharply focused, enclosed by deep darkness. 

“My childhood was spent in a very rural part of Gloucestershire, the village surrounded by the beautiful flood meadows of the River Severn, there was no electricity so darkness for me was very real and very dark. Many of my prints are in black and white and some of my work is in book form.

I love the practical process of printmaking and find there is always a technique perfect for the idea I want to express. In 2000 I studied for a degree in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University, learning about many media but returning to printmaking as my favourite.”

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The Greenways Editions range features three of Di’s characters originally created in linocut prints and a stunning hand-made book – “Terrible Toys”

Peeping Jack

“Peeping Jack raised the lid of his box and looked around the room”

Bad Dolly

“Bad Dolly had drowned her sorrows with her head hung down”

Naughty Ted

“Naughty Ted’s terrible teeth were glistening in the gloom”


All products are hand made in the Staffordshire Potteries, Stoke on Trent. The mugs are fine bone china and are safe to be used in the microwave and dishwasher.